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Previous Client's Testimonials

“George Chen is perhaps the most impressive teacher I’ve known. He possesses extraordinary intelligence and patience. Beyond that, he has the ability to remember, synthesize and transmit a lifetime of reading, coursework and physical cultivation in a way that is well organized, situation appropriate and masterfully put into language. He has the ability to connect with children and novice adults as well as add value to the practice of mature practitioners.”

—Russell Bienenstock, President, Furniture World Magazine

“I have years of experience in meditation, and have studied with many different teachers. George’s instruction is the most direct and clear I have ever encountered. He is dedicated to having the process really work for his students. There is deep compassion and comfort in the way he teaches. As a result, the whole process of meditation has shifted in a profound and fundamental way for me. I cannot recommend George highly enough.”

—Jenny Wong, Fashion Model, Ford Models

“George Chen was recruited to our school as a mindfulness teacher. We are a public urban school with 475 students from Pre-K-6th grade. George reached every student and staff member and dozens of parents with the tenets of mindfulness. The overall emotional climate of our school improved immensely. Our students, staff, and Principal (me) love George and the sound of the bell. We hope to keep him in our school community family for years to come. We are proud to be the first school in the Yonkers, NY district to embrace mindfulness. George's services should be in every organization, school, and corporation in the world.”

—Timo Hughes, School Principal

“Mindfulness means to live life to the fullest without fighting, stress or anger. I realize that life is so great with mindfulness. Thank you, Mr. George.”

—Leandro F., Grade 6

“Working with George at Philips was a true pleasure. George will be an asset to any organization; his loyalty and passion are unparalleled.”

—Mark Kenczyk, (former) VP Purchasing, Philips Electronics

“George Chen's guided meditations are beautifully simple yet profoundly effective. With regular practice I found that in just a few minutes of sitting, we transcended the noise and distractions of daily life, and tapped into a deep and peaceful stillness that surrounds us all, changing my outlook on the day, my life and ultimately the whole world around us.”

Paul Rose, Internationally acclaimed guitarist and composer

“Through the years George has been one of my greatest mentors. He has a great enthusiasm and passion for knowledge, and is an inspirational teacher.”

—Richard Camplone, MSW, Social Worker

“I like how Mr. George teaches us mindfulness. Mindfulness is a way to not get mad and not fight, and that is good for you.”

—Suada S., Grade 5

“Mindfulness with Mr. George has taught me to be kind to those who think they hate me, to treat others the way I want to be treated, and to be happy about what I already have.”

—Samantha F., Grade 6

"George’s guided mediations have proven to be one of the most significant positive developments in my life. I have become more centered, accepting and compassionate, and become a better husband, father and business person. He has unequivocally given me tools to handle whatever strife life brings before me, and for that I will be forever thankful.”

—Jonathan Giannettino, Owner, Curto’s Appliances, Westchester, NY
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